2017 Articles

December 19, 2017:  The Persistence of Racial Disharmony

December 12, 2017:  Trump, the FBI, and the Administrative State.

November 14, 2017:  The New Normal

November 7, 2017:  When Tragedies Divide./Guns, Moral Codes, and Class Warfare.

October 31, 2017:  The Lessons of McGovern.

October 24, 2017:  We Have Met the Enemy.

October 17, 2017:  Harvey Weinstein and Breaking a Few Eggs.

October 10, 2017:  They’re Lying to You, You Know.

October 4, 2017:  The Ruling Class, Redux.

September 26, 2017:  Don’t Care?  Too Bad!

September 19, 2017:  Sixteen Years Gone.

September 12, 2017:  Catholics, Democrats, and the Cold Civil War.

September 5, 2017:  The Man in the Cement Shoes, Redux./Antifa, White Supremacy, and the Other Elephant.

August 29, 2017:  Afghanistan is Iraq is Trump:  Ruling Class Depravity and American Desperation.

August 22, 2017:  The REAL Paranoid Style in American Politics.

August 15, 2017:  Google, Charlottesville, and Identity Politics.

August 8, 2017:  Trump as Symptom, not Cause.

August 1, 2017:  North Korea and the Cure for What Ails Us.

July 25, 2017:  Corruption in the Age of Trump:  It’s Not What You Think.

July 18, 2017:  The Way Things Work.

July 11, 2017:  The Remarkable Donald Trump?

June 27, 2017:  What’s the Matter with the Democrats?

June 20, 2017:  A Nation without God.

June 13, 2017:  Devolution.

June 6, 2017:  Leadership and Civic Morality.

May 30, 2017:  The Science of Man.

May 23, 2017:  The Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy and Its Sad Successor.

May 16, 2017:  Trump, Watergate, and the Heroic-Journalist Tale./Educating the Leaders of Tomorrow.

May 9, 2017:  Jimmy Kimmel and the End of Liberty.

May 2, 2017:  From Opposition to Governance:  the GOP Challenge./Chaos and Old Night, Redux.

April 25, 2017:  Secrets, Again./Weird Washington.

April 18, 2017:  Wheeling and Dealing.

April 11, 2017:  Islamic Eschatology and the Syria Conundrum.

April 5, 2017:  Post-Fight-Club Despair.

March 28, 2017:  The End of Donald Trump?

March 21, 2017:  Front Row, Back Row, and Those Damn Hillbillies Again.

March 14, 2017:  A World with No Secrets, Redux.

March 7, 2017:  The War Between the States, Redux.

February 28, 2017:  Milo, Mark, and a Hill to Die on.

February 21, 2017:  Donald Trump and the Cogs in the Machine.

February 14, 2017:  The New New Political Paradigm.

February 7, 2017:  Anarchy in the U.S.A.

January 31, 2017:  Normal Will Be “In” This Season, Redux.

January 24, 2017:  Trump, Day 1:  Populist or Capitalist?

January 17, 2017:  Lewis vs. Trump; Identity vs. the Universal Aspiration.

January 10, 2017:  Domestic Politics 2017:  How Can We Miss You If You Won’t Go Away?

January 4, 2017:  Foreign Policy 2017:  The New “New World Order.”

2016 Articles

December 21, 2016:  Trump, Tillerson, and America’s Eternal and Perpetual Interests.

December 13, 2016:  Fake News…Fake Education, Fake Intelligence, etc.

December 6, 2016:  A Trump Christmas Story./Playing by Their Rules.

November 29, 2016:  Is the Death of Progressivism Cause for Celebration?

November 22, 2016:  Waging War Against the Unbearable Whiteness of Trump.

November 15, 2016:  President Trump:  Winners and Losers.

November 8, 2016:  Election 2016:  Corruption and the Ruling Class.

November 2, 2016:  Post-Election Stress Disorder.

October 25, 2016:  Hillary Clinton and the Single-Payer Dream:  Good Luck with That.

October 18, 2016:  Hillary and the Trump-in-the-Back.

October 11, 2016:  Smashing Up Things and Creatures.

October 4, 2016:  Our Doomed 45th President.

September 27, 2016:  Mythmaking and Reality.

September 20, 2016:  Donald Trump and His “Deplorable” Ideas.

September 13, 2016:  Hillary’s Basket of Deplorables.

September 6, 2016:  La Trahison de Clercs.

August 30, 2016:  Hillary’s Corruption.  Who Didn’t Know?

August 23, 2016:  The New Political Paradigm and the Neoconservative Persuasion.

August 16, 2016:  A World with No Secrets.

August 9, 2016:  Trump, Wolves, and the Moral of the Story.

August 2, 2016:  The Democrats Go Full-Reagan?/Gary Johnson, the Libertarian Choice.

July 26, 2016:  Donald Trump, Populist./Ted, Bernie, and the Status Quo.

July 19, 2016:  Swim or Drown.

July 12, 2016:  Obama and Race in America.

July 6, 2016:  Further into Decadence.

June 28, 2016:  Revenge of the Violent, Racist, Ignorant Hillbillies, Redux.

June 21, 2016:  Whither the War on Terror?

June 14, 2016:  Is “Change” Possible?

June 7, 2016:  Some Thoughts on “The Greatest.”

May 31, 2016:  We Could Use a Man Like Richard Nixon Again?

May 24, 2016:  Donald Trump and the Virtues of Steve Moore./Inside the Feminist Bubble.

May 17, 2016:  The “Great” Bathroom War.

May 10, 2016:  America’s Dream World, Through the Years.

May 3, 2016:  The World’s Most Disruptive Innovation?/Homo Homini Lupus, Redux.

April 26, 2016:  Bernie Sanders, Egoist.

April 19, 2016:  American Politics 2016:  Sex as Bread and Circuses.

April 12, 2016:  Neither a Democracy nor a Republic.

April 5, 2016:  An Embarrassment of Riches Losers.

March 29, 2016:  Foreign Policy Advisers and the End of the GOP.

March 22, 2016:  Only Trump Can Save Us Now?

March 15, 2016:  Shut Up!  I’m Talking!

March 8, 2016:  Relax and Enjoy the Fall of the West.

March 1, 2016:  The Forgotten Theme.

February 23, 2016:  Trump as Social Conservative Hero.

February 16, 2016:  The Bork Precedent/The Feminists Lose It.

February 9, 2016:  The Question of Islam.

February 2, 2016:  Trump and America’s Institutions/Could Indicting Hillary Restore Honor to Washington?

January 26, 2016:  Flint, Michigan and the Dogs of War/The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Lower Saxony?

January 19, 2016:  Trump, the Parties, and the Long War.

January 12, 2016:  Foreign Policy 2016:  The New World Order, Year Three.

January 6, 2016:  Domestic Politics 2016:  Does the Mutual Hate Continue?

2015 Articles

December 22, 2015:  Donald Trump:  The Ruling Class’s Worst Nightmare?/Adelson and Gramsci.

December 15, 2015:  Trolling the Party Machines./Who’s Out of Touch, the Millennials or the Boomers?

December 9, 2015:  Guns and the Left.

December 1, 2015:  Wilson, Trump, and the Permanent Ruling Class.

November 24, 2015:  What ISIS Wants and Why We Should Give It to Them.

November 17, 2015:  The Axis of Deficient Education.

November 10, 2015:  God and Man at Yale and Mizzou.

November 3, 2015:  The State of the Race, One Year Out.

October 27, 2105:  Clinton Rules:  the More Obvious the Corruption, the Better.

October 20, 2015:  The Politics of Fear./Nihilism and Spree Shooters.

October 13, 2015:  The Country Class Insurgency and the Deep State Leviathan.

October 6, 2015:  The Disaster and Shame of Post-American Foreign Policy.

September 29,2015:  The Pope, the President,and the Premier.

September 22, 2015:  The Future of Christendom.

September 15, 2015:  What’s the Matter with Europe…and Japan…and China?

September 8, 2015:  “Migrants” and the Post-Western World./The Dowager Empress of Chappaqua.

September 1, 2015:  Donald Trump and His Magnificent White Horse.

August 25, 2015:  A Trail of Tears…Leading to Don Trump.

August 18, 2015:  Trumpulism

August 11, 2015:  Celebrity Apprentice.

August 4, 2015:  Summer Reading List, Part III.

July 28, 2015:  Hillary, Abortion, and the Intergenerational Covenant.

July 21, 2015:  Donald Trump vs. the Establishment, Round 2.

July 14, 2015:  Character and the Ruling Class.

July 7, 2015:  Donald Trump and the Ruling Class.

June 30, 2015:  What’s the Matter with the GOP, Redux?

June 23, 2015:  Charleston and the Dangers of Faction.

June 16, 2015:  Civilizing the Little Human Animal./Germany and the EU:  Turn Out the Lights.

June 9, 2015:  The Obamacare Economy./Seventeen Months is a Long Time.

June 2, 2015:  Donald Rumsfeld, Knowns, and Unknowns./Dennis Hastert and the Way Our Ruling Class Lives.

May 27, 2015:  Islamism and the Wrong Side of History.

May 19, 2015:  Bill, Hill, and Our Wholly Inadequate Government.

May 12, 2015:  Labour’s Loss and Its Message for Hillary/Superpredators:  We Were Wrong…So Far.

May 5, 2015:  Nighttime on the Charm City.

April 28, 2015:  A Republic…If You Can Keep It.

April 21, 2015:  Mere Anarchy.

April 14, 2015:  Iran and the Nuke Charade.

April 7, 2015:  Indiana and the Non-Christian State Religion.

March 31, 2015:  Barack Obama, Jim Baker, and Jew-Hating “Realists.”

March 24, 2015:  Barack Obama and the Weather on the Plains.

March 17, 2015:  Won’t Get Fooled Again./The Man in the Cement Shoes, Redux.

March 10, 2015:  Hillary Clinton and the Return of Political Drama.

March 3, 2015:  ISIS and Bloody Black Swans/The Revenge of the Violent, Racist, Ignorant Hillbillies, Redux.

February 24, 2015:  The Pivot to Jobs!/The End of the Diaspora and Netanyahu’s Task.

February 17, 2015:  Islamism and the War of Ideas.

February 10, 2015:  Chaos, The Elites, and the Clash of Moral Codes.

February 3, 2015:  Can a Rising Sun Awaken a Sleeping Giant?/The Tea Party and the Inevitable Populist Insurrection.

January 27, 2015:  Sheldon Silver and the Ruling Class in the Administrative State.

January 21, 2015:  Pope Francis the Emotive?

January 13, 2015:  Foreign Policy 2015:  The New World Order, Year Two.

January 6, 2015:  Domestic Politics 2015:  A Tale of Two Cities.


2014 Articles

December 23, 2014:  The Assault on the Police and the Assault on Reality/Why Does Cuba Matter?  December 16, 2014:  The Coming Denouement.  December 9, 2014:  Eric Garner, the State, and an Old Adage.  December 2, 2014:  Ferguson and the Surplus Population.  November 25, 2014:  The Bull-Goose Loony.  November 19, 2014:  The Theory of Bureaucracy.  November 11, 2014:  Election 2014:  Attack of the Cultural Hegemony.  November 4, 2014:  Dear Electorate:  We Hate You.  Dear Government:  Right Back at Ya!  October 28, 2014:  Leaderless Resistance and the “Third Generation Jihadis.”  October 21, 2014:  St. Thomas No-More and the Future of the West/Global Resource War, Redux.  October 14, 2014:  The Iron Law of Oligarchic Oikophobia.  October 7, 2014:  Good Grief:  Washington and Loss.  September 30, 2014:  Ebola and Getting It Good and Hard/The Scots and “Stuff.”  September 23, 2014:  Alibaba?  Caveat Emptor.  September 16, 2014:  The Great Unraveling?  Who Didn’t Know?  September 2, 2014:  Cultural Malaise.  August 26, 2014:  Nihilism and Islamism.  August 19, 2014:  Ferguson, Missouri and the Militarization of the State.  August 12, 2014:  Chaos and Old Night.  August 5, 2014:  Incentivizing Illegal Immigration.  July 29, 2014:  Operation “Protective Edge,” and the Future of the West.  July 22, 2014:  National Security Policy:  Back to the Future?  July 8, 2014:  Hobby Lobby and the Constitutional Order.  July 1, 2014:  Hillary Clinton:  The Evitable Inevitability.  June 25, 2014: The Roots of the Iraq Disaster.  June 17, 2014:  Two Cheers for Barack Obama? June 10, 2014:  Everything Seemingly is Spinning Out of Control. June 3, 2014:  There’s a Sucker Born Every Minute. May 27, 2014:  The VA and the End of History?/The Crimean Precedent. May 20, 2014:  Of Hashtags and Hallucinations. May 13, 2014:  Monica and Matt, Unlikely Revolutionaries. May 6, 2014:  Anti-Semitism?  Not Quite. April 29, 2014:  Cliven Bundy, Redux/Israel, Apartheid, and Kerry’s “Yalta Moment.” April 22, 2014:  We Still Don’t Mean to Scare You, But…. April 15, 2014:  McCutcheon, Breyer, and the Rights of Man. April 8, 2014:  Cheney vs. Obama; Markets vs. the State. April 1, 2014:  “Health Care” and the Sensate Society. March 25, 2014:  Vladimir Putin and the New World Order. March 18, 2014:  Putin, Ukraine, and the Second Time as Farce. March 11, 2014:  We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Bathtub. March 4, 2014:  Mirror-Imaging with a Shattered Looking Glass. February 25, 2014:  Decadence and the Ruling Class. February 18, 2014:  What’s the Matter with the GOP? February 11, 2014:  The Banality of the Leviathan. February 4, 2014:  Inequality and the State of Our Union. January 28, 2014:  The War on Women, Redux. January 21, 2014:  The Welfare State and Its Discontents. January 14, 2014:  Foreign Policy 2014:  A New Year and a New World Order. January 7, 2014:  Domestic Politics 2014:  Them Against Us, Redux.

2013 Articles
December 23, 2013:  The Auto Bailout and Your Lying Eyes. December 17, 2013:  The Other Dream World. December 10, 2013:  Nelson Mandela and the Human Condition. December 3, 2013:  Killing Us with Kindness. November 26, 2013:  Barack Obama and the Middle East Arms Race/2013:  Main Event or Undercard? November 19, 2013:  The End of Liberalism?  Don’t Bet on It. November 12, 2013:  Barack Obama Apologizes, But Can’t Explain for What. November 5, 2013: “You Can Keep Your Health Plan,” and the Denial of Reality. October 29, 2013:  Tennis Golf, Anyone? October 22, 2013:  Obamacare and Government Cheese. October 15, 2013:  The Tea Party, The GOP, and the End of the (Political) World as We Know It. October 8, 2013:  The GOP and the End of Corporatist America? October 1, 2013:  The First Thing We Do, Let’s Kill All the Speechwriters./Ted Cruz, the Shutdown, and Our Corrupt Ruling Class. September 24, 2013:  Pope Francis and the West’s “Obsessions.” September 17, 2013:  Putin and the Progressive Global Governance Fantasy. September 10, 2013:  Pope Francis and the “American War” in Syria. September 3, 2013:  Friends, Interests, and the Great Game. August 27, 2013:  Barack Obama and the Post-Western Delusion. August 20, 2013:  August 20, 2013:  The NSA and the Institutions of the Rulings Class/End Note. August 13, 2013:  Jeff Bezos, Professional Journalism, and the Collapse of the Progressive Dream. August 6, 2013:  Chris Christie, Rand Paul, and the “Collapsing” GOP/Bezos:  The Grim Reaper. July 30, 2013:  Character, Judgment, and Carlos Danger. July 23, 2013:  An Obstructionist GOP?  Hurray!/Dependency, Government, and Obamacare. July 16, 2013 George Zimmerman and the Future of Democracy. July 10, 2013 Who Lost Egypt? July 2, 2013 Gay Marriage, the Contraception Mandate, and the Servile State. June 25, 2013 The Gnostic Dream World, Redux/Detroit, Munis, and the 21st Century Resource Wars. June 19, 2013 Immigration, the Ruling Class, and the Gnostic Dream World. June 11, 2013 Data Mining and the Future of the West. June 4, 2013 The Other Problem with Big Government. May 28, 2013 Islamism and the Political Jokesters of the West. May 21, 2013 Pursuing Presidential Scandals:  Third Time’s the Charm?/A Corrupt Attorney General?  Oh Dear!  May 14, 2013 Character, Where Art Thou?  Surely Not in Washington/The IRS, the Tea Party, and the Administrative State. May 7, 2013 Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics. April 30, 2013 Sales Taxes, Big Business, and Feckless Government/Normal Will Be “In,” Redux. April 23, 2013 Obama and Guns/Boston, Al Qaeda, and the Evolving Terrorist Threat April 16, 2013 The Fix Is In. April 9, 2013 Smart Diplomacy, Redux/Jobs and Higher Education:  The Road to Starbucks. April 2, 2013 Gay Marriage and the Rebirth of the Family. March 26, 2013 Cyprus, Russia, and the Ruin of Capitalism. March 19, 2013 A Pope Who Will Fight Our Battles? March 12, 2013 Rand Paul: A Voice in the Desert? March 5, 2013 Welcome the Paleo-Cons Back to the World Stage./California and the “Blue” Economic Model. February 26, 2013 At Long Last:  The New Political Paradigm. February 19, 2013 The Fruits of Obamacare./What Does It Mean When a Pope Calls It Quits? February 12, 2013 Barack Obama and the Futility of “Nation-Building at Home.” February 5, 2013  Searching for Meaning in Hagel and Kerry. January 29, 2013 Makers, Takers, and the Obama Economic Model. January 22, 2013 Obama, Gun Control, and the “Long Game.” January 15, 2013 The “Bubble Months” and the Great Unraveling/The Abortion “Obsession” and Its Purpose January 8, 2013 Domestic Politics 2013:  Unknown Unknowns January 2, 2013  Foreign Policy 2013:  Ugliness in the Age of Obama.  
2011 Articles
December 20, 2011 The Pope, the Atheist, and Headless Santa. November 29, 2011 Crisis, Collapse, and the Ruling Class. November 22, 2011 Obama’s Dream World. Newt, Mitt, and Winston Churchill? November 15, 2011 Mike Mayo and Us. November 8, 2011 Occupy Sesame Street. November 1, 2011 American Decline. Whose Problem? Population and the “Experts.” October 25, 2011 Right vs. Left. Tea Party vs. Occupy Wall Street. October 18, 2011 Occupy Wall Street, Redux. What’s the Matter with Mitt? October 11, 2011 The Strategic Politicians Hypothesis, Reworked. Occupy Wall Street and the Egalitarian State of Nature. October 3, 2011 Soft and Uncompetitive? You Bet! Chris Christie and the Social Contract. September 27, 2011 Feckless Middle East Policy Portends Big Trouble. Elizabeth Warren and the Social Contract. September 20, 2011 The Obama Oligarchy. September 13, 2011 Post-9/11 Sadness. The Dogs of War Are Barking. September 7, 2011 Obama, History, and Nemesis. The Coming Regional War? August 30, 2011 A History of the English-Speaking Peoples. Elvis Presley, Algore, and the Ancien Regimes. August 23, 2011 The Virtuous Democratic Rich, Redux. The Lightworker’s Light Work. August 16, 2011 Riots, Welfare, and the Collapse of the Post-Modern State. August 9, 2011 The End of the Democratic Party, Take Two. The Libyan Quagmire, Revisited. August 2, 2011 The Left is Right? Norway and the Multiculti Failure. July 19, 2011 The Debt-Ceiling Drama, Redux. The Old Media and The Wall Street Journal. July 12, 2011 The Debt-Ceiling Drama: Two Thumbs Down. Liberals, Gay Marriage, and Freedom. July 6, 2011 Dominique Strauss-Kahn and American Exceptionalism. Barack Obama: Professional Amateur. June 28, 2011 Afghanistan and the “Lessons of Vietnam.” The Return of the Liberal Cocoon? June 21, 2011 The Arab Spring and the Coming Anarchy. The Obama Record. June 13, 2011 Anthony Weiner, Bill Clinton, and American “Feminism.” June 7, 2011 Weinergate and the Global Governing Class. Circumcision and the New Anti-Semitism. June 1, 2011 Obama, Israel, and American Education. A Superpower or a Welfare State. May 23, 2011 The Obama Doctrine. The Strategic Republicans Hypothesis. May 17, 2011 The War is Over. Long Live the War. Barack Obama, Rational Actor? May 10, 2011 Osama bin Laden and the Joachite Prophecy. May 3, 2011 Obama, Osama, and Escalatrion. The Good News Is the Bad News. April 27, 2011 Finding the Real Killers. No Hat, No Cattle. April 19, 2011 What’s the Matter with Democratic Women? We Don’t Mean to Scare You, But…: A Novel. April 11, 2011 Starring Barack Obama as Rodrigo Borgia. Of Frogs and Fiscal Policy. April 5, 2011 Of Korans and Moral Futility. Is April the Cruelest Month, as per T.S. Eliot? March 28, 2011 The Left and the Fetishization of Islam. March 22, 2011 The Man Who Would Be President. Sort Of. Defi cits: Fiscal and Political. March 14, 2011 Islam and the Left. What Victory Looks Like. March 8, 2011 Revolution, Reform, and Relative Deprivation. Obama and the Hard Left’s Foreign Policy Fantasy. February 28, 2011 Post-American Chaos. The Hobgoblin of Little Minds. February 22, 2011 The Battle of Wisconsin. The Revolution Continues. February 14, 2011 Revolutions and Democracy. Jim Webb Quits. Democratic Party to Follow Suit. February 8, 2011 Egypt, Take Two. January 31, 2011 Make the World Go Away. Two Sides of the Same Inadequate Coin. January 24, 2011 Stupid is as Stupid Does. Of Informational Cascades. January 18, 2011 The Twin Tragedies of Tucson. January 11, 2011 Foreign Policy 2011: The Empire Strikes Out. January 4, 2011 Domestic Politics 2011: Devolution, Collapse and More.
2010 Articles
December 20, 2010 When You Ain’t Got Nothing, You Got Nothing to Lose. The Middle Class and Sexual “Liberation.” December 14, 2010 Tolerance Be Damned. Tax Cuts — Or Obama’s Obsession, Redux. December 7, 2010 Sarah Palin And The Ancien Regime. WikiChina? No Chance. November 29, 2010 Obama’s Obsession. Democracy, Bureaucracy, And Economic Drift. November 23, 2010 Of Different Belief Systems. Mexico, Chavez, And Our President, The Comedian. November 16, 2010 Race And White Voters. Islam And Western Governance. November 8, 2010 Midterm Implications: 2012 And Beyond. The End Of The Republican Era, Redux? November 1, 2010 Election 2010: The Revenge Of The Violent, Racist, Ignorant Hillbillies. The End Of The Republican Era? October 25, 2010 The Greatest Political Story Ever Told? The Gathering Storm. October 19, 2010 Anger And The American Electorate. The Af-Pak Quagmire. October 12, 2010 The Modified Bradley Effect? Don’t Let The Bedbugs Bite. October 5, 2010 Consumption, Credit, And The Illusion Of Prosperity September 27, 2010 The Clueless Class. Hedging. September 20, 2010 America Alone, Sadly. Crazy Is As Crazy Does. September 13, 2010 Beyond 9/11. Who Is Barack Obama? September 7, 2010 The Tea Party And Race. Paul Krugman And “Stimulus.” August 30, 2010 Beyond Islamophobia. Scott Rasmussen and the New Political Paradigm. Mexico Redux, Redux. August 23, 2010 Obama The Alien. False Comfort From Reagan. August 16, 2010 It’s The Usurpation, Stupid. Obama’s Katrina? You Bet! August 10, 2010 Let Them Eat Gazpacho, Turbot, Veal, And Ratatouille August 2, 2010 An “Irrepressible Conflict,” Redux. July 26, 2010 Corruption, Redux. July 19, 2010 Power, Class, And The New Political Paradigm. Democracy, Republicanism, And The Constitution. July 12, 2010 Afghanistan And The Political Class. Political Correctness. Again. June 29, 2010 Cognitive Dissonance And The G20. Washington, The White House, And Weirdos. June 21, 2010 What’s Worse Than A Shakedown? A Farewell To Rahmbo? June 8, 2010 The Personal Is Political. And The Political Is Tiresome. One Cheer And Much Fear. June 2, 2010 The Competence Shtick. “Das Totenschiff”. May 24, 2010 God Bless Texas. Same Old Same Old. May 18, 2010 Truth And Consequences. The Dogs Of War Howl In California. May 11, 2010 The Unraveling Begins In Earnest. May 3, 2010 Whelping The Dogs Of War, Redux. Sucks Donut. April 26, 2010 Fear And Loathing In Washington. Immigration. Again. April 19, 2010 The Shoulders Of Midgets. A Brief Word About Civil Charges And “Reform”. April 12, 2010 The Country Formerly Known As Mexico. Karzai Like A Fox. April 6, 2010 Israel, Obama, And “The Big Lie.” The Big Lie, Part II. March 29, 2010 Some Thoughts On Obamacare March 23, 2010 Shall These Dead Have Died In Vain? March 15, 2010 The Speaker’s Disconnect From Reality. Obama And The Millennials. March 8, 2010 The Not So Great Immigration Debate. It’s The Government, Stupid. March 1, 2010 Bureaucracy And Tragedy. Le Morte D’Progressivism. February 22, 2010 The End Of The World As We Know It. He Lives In A Rather Special World. February 16, 2010 Born Fighting. Fighting Still. An Inevitable Collapse? Who Didn’t Know? February 9, 2010 Beware Of Aliens! The People Are Revolting. February 1, 2010 Obama: He Could Be Worse Shut Up And Listen, Dummy! January 25, 2010 After Massachusetts. Snatching Defeat From The Jaws Of Victory? January 19, 2010 China Bulls. Deja Vu All Over Again. And Again. And Again… January 11, 2010 2010: A Time To Experience Confused Leadership. January 5, 2010 Domestic Politics 2010: The New Paradigm. And Then Some.
2009 Articles
December 21, 2009 No Shame? Or No Brains? The Wages Of Ignorance. December 15, 2009 Stupid Is As Stupid Does, Redux. A Letter Home. December 7, 2009 A Nannyless World. Obama Soft On China? Who Didn’t Know? November 30, 2009 Could Barack Be A Mere Mortal? Too Important For The Truth, Redux. November 23, 2009 The Back Door To Capitalism. Health Care And Global Warming: Too Important To Tell The Truth. November 16, 2009 Obama’s Dilemma. And Ours. Political Light At The End Of The Recession. November 9, 2009 The Hollow Men (And Women). Saving The Frog. November 2, 2009 Our Cartoon President. Arise You Prisoners Of Starvation. October 26, 2009 Pope Benedict And The Cultural Countermarch. The Personality Is Political. October 19, 2009 To The Victor Goes… Well, Not Much. Trillion Dollar-Plus Deficits As Far As The Eye Can See. October 12, 2009 A Relativistic World. Look Back In Anger. October 5, 2009 An Elite Of Amoral Supermen. September 28, 2009 Pro-Western Obama. Faith, Hope And Charity. September 22, 2009 A Good Word For Hard Times. Nation-Building Is Dead. So What Now? September 14, 2009 The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas Late To The Revolution August 31, 2009 Interesting Times. The Lion Of Liberalism Indeed. August 24, 2009 First They Came For The Smokers; Then They Came For The Fatties. Amateur Hour. August 17, 2009 The Administrative State. Health Care Reform And Rents. August 10, 2009 Stupid Is As Stupid Does. Tick ‘Em Off And “They Will Come.” August 4, 2009 A Party Called Stupid. California And The Blue State Meltdown. July 27, 2009 Health Care Reform: Stunningly Stupid. Why Can’t We All Just Get Along? Obama And Race, Again. July 20, 2009 There’s Always Something. Sonia Sotomayor And The Catholic “Brand”. July 14, 2009 Malaise, Thy Name Is Barack. The Marketplace: “I’ll Be Around In The Dark, I’ll Be Ever’where.” July 7, 2009 The Totalitarian Impulse. Caritas In Veritate. June 29, 2009 Weighed On The Scales And Found Wanting. The Future Is Now. June 23, 2009 People, Shmeople. Change. June 15, 2009 The Week That Was, Part One. The Week That Was, Part Two. The Week That Was, Conclusion. June 8, 2009 The Gathering Storm. An Act Of War Indeed. June 2, 2009 Progress Is Our Most Important Product The Liberal Dream World, Redux. May 18, 2009 Mugged By Reality. Nancy Goes To War. May 11, 2009 Half Full? We Doubt It. The Good Guys. May 5, 2009 Burn After Reading. A Specter Is Haunting The GOP. And It’s Not Arlen. April 28, 2009 Of Course, You Know, This Means War! We Hate To Say We Told You So… Redux. April 20, 2009 Talibanistan. We Don’t Mean To Scare You But… Redux. April 13, 2009 The Silent Minority. Perception And Reality. April 6, 2009 The Leviathan. The Bureaucratic State In All Its Glory. March 30, 2009 What’s In A Name? Of Black Swans And Drug Lords. March 23, 2009 Catastrophe, Thy Name Is Incompetence. That’s Entertainment. March 16, 2009 Women And Minorities Hardest Hit. Pachira Aquatica. March 9, 2009 Sunday Morning Coming Down. Help Me Make It Through The Night. March 2, 2009 Obama And The Gipper. A Speech Not Given. February 23, 2009 Put Your Head Out The Window, Watch The Drivers Roll. A Clash Of Moral Systems, Ad Nauseam. February 17, 2009 Sowing The Wind. Men Without Chests, Redux. February 9, 2009 The Imperfect Storm. Barack Obama And The New “New Deal”. February 2, 2009 Capitalism: RIP. Power Shift. January 25, 2009 The Waste Land. The Tax Man Cometh. January 20, 2009 Will It Work? Men Without Chests. January 12, 2009 Physician, Heal Thyself. January 5, 2009 Domestic Politics 2009: The Good, The Bad, And The Crooked.
2008 Articles
December 22, 2008 Great Expectations Defining Deviancy Down. And Up. December 15, 2008 Chicago, Chicago, That Toddlin’ Town Ridiculousness And The Republic December 8, 2008 Who – Whom? Bush Derangement Syndrome And Its Heirs December 1, 2008 We Are All Indians Now November 24, 2008 Situation Normal, All Fouled Up Unknown Unknowns November 18, 2008 Means and Ends Toward the Restoration? November 10, 2008 Congratulations to Barack Obama November 6, 2008 The Brave Old World November 3, 2008 A Scorecard, Of Sorts October 27, 2008 The Left, The Right, And The Wrong President Obama: Socialism’s Sentinel Perdue October 20, 2008 Obama, Ayers And The Long March Through The Institutions Lead Us Not Into Temptation October 13, 2008 Pathway To A Rebirth Of Conservatism. National Greatness? October 6, 2008 Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid. A Crisis Of Global Proportions October 1, 2008 The Lead Parachute. Part I. The Lead Parachute. Part II. The Lead Parachute. Part III. September 22, 2008 We Hate To Say It, But… Wisdom, Compliments of Albert Jay Nock September 16, 2008 Of Bezzles And Bailouts The Clash Over “Stuff” September 9, 2008 Let The Spinning Wheel Spin Sarah Palin Is America September 3, 2008 Reason, Science, And The Left August 25, 2008 The “War” For The White House August 18, 2008 Once Upon A Time In Russia The World’s Largest Criminal Enterprise, Redux August 11, 2008 The Murderers Among Us The Monsters Among Us August 4, 2008 Long Live The Bond Market Gods Politics And The English Language, Redux July 28, 2008 Go Time In Iran? July 21, 2008 We Have Met The Enemy And He Is Us Fides Et Ratio July 14, 2008 Hey Buddy, Can You Spare A Few Trillion Dollars? A Love-Hate Relationship With Congress July 7, 2008 Nation Building Summer Soldiers And Sunshine Patriots June 30, 2008 Globalization Lends Corruption Lighter Wings To Fly Reform, Crime, And Corruption June 23, 2008 The Madness Of Crowds. The Paranoid Style, Redux. June 17, 2008 Bringing A Gun To A Knife Fight June 9, 2008 Conservative Collapse And The Climate Con Ah Yes, Change June 2, 2008 A Kind Word For Anarchism Post-Modern Politics May 27, 2008 War And Peace May 21, 2008 Everybody Has Won, And All Must Have Prizes Barack, The Non-Appeaser May 12, 2008 Life In The Administrative State Going To The Mattresses May 5, 2008 Taking Race For Granted What, Me Worry? April 28, 2008 The Economics Of Liberalism The Recolonization Of Africa April 22, 2008 “Crackerquiddick” And The Culture Wars A Lull In The Culture Wars? April 15, 2008 The Dawn Of A New Political Era, Part IV April 7, 2008 The Struggle Within The Democratic Party No Way To Win An Election April 1, 2008 The Audacity Of The Pope Paulson’s Folly March 25, 2008 Obama And Race Things Are In The Saddle And Ride Mankind March 17, 2008 Some Thoughts On Recklessness. March 4, 2008 Barack Obama As Run-Of-The-Mill Leftist Will History End Again? February 25, 2008 The Iron Biangle, Redux February 19, 2008 Immanentizing the Obamic Eschaton. Who Knows What the Herd Knows? February 11, 2008 Reprimitivization and the War On Terror Florida, Michigan, and Civil War February 4, 2008 This Time…It’s Personal. Say It Ain’t So, Ann. January 28, 2008 Bill and Hill: A Blueprint For Victory (Of Sorts) The Obama Phenomena January 22, 2008 The GOP and Neo-Confederate Libertarianism A Word From the Wise January 14, 2008 No Conservative To Vote For? Who Didn’t Know? Some Thoughts On Conservatism January 9, 2008 2008: No Mandate For “Change” January 2, 2008 2008: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly
2007 Articles
December 17, 2007 For The Good Times Big Government Won. December 11, 2007 A Vote Against Mrs. Clinton Is An Act Of Kindness Serious Unseriousness December 3, 2007 The New Welfare Queens November 26, 2007 Running for President During “Hard Times” Much Ado About Annapolis November 19, 2007 Electability Obsessive Disorder The Twilight of Liberalism November 12, 2007 Mutually Assured Economic Destruction Whither Pakistan? November 6, 2007 Is Iraq Worth It? October 29, 2007 The Greatest Show On Earth. Rangel. The Showdown Continues. October 22, 2007 Whither Conservatism? Redux. Another Showdown At Gucci Gulch October 15, 2007 Green Peace. What If We Win? October 8, 2007 The Age of Discussion Ugly Is As Ugly Does October 1, 2007 Coming Soon: A Lower Tone of Public Life Doomsday for Democrats? September 24, 2007 Bollinger’s Dilemma The Fall. September 17, 2007 All About Oil? Say It Isn’t So Alan. The Manchurian Party September 11, 2007 Counseling Caution on Iraq Elite Culture and Its Treasured Assumptions August 27, 2007 Le Plan C’est Moi. The Return of the Fixer August 20, 2007 Lefties Without A Cause Goodbye and Good Riddance To Karl Rove? August 6, 2007 The New Nihilists Once Upon A Time In A Banana Republic, Redux July 30, 2007 Love Means Never Having To Say You’re Sorry Peace In Our Time July 24, 2007 Dare We Say That Things Might Be Looking Up? Cheney vs Iran? We’ll See. July 16, 2007 The Long War. Religion and Politics 2008 July 9, 2007 The Emotive Mrs. Clinton Al Gore and the Pursuit of Power July 2, 2007 Power to the Fringes Terrorism, Redux. June 25, 2007 Michael Bloomberg and the Post-Political State Hillary Watch June 18, 2007 Learning To Love the Bomb It’s the Integration, Stupid. June 11, 2007 The Immigration Follies A New Cold War? June 5, 2007 It’s Hillary All The Way, Redux Democratic Ahabs May 21, 2007 Whither Congress? Call for the Sons-of-Bitches May 14, 2007 Where Do We Go From Here? The Balkans, Fort Dix and the Global Jihad May 7, 2007 The Long War. Madness and the 2008 Election April 30, 2007 A Rough Sea for the Ship of State Is Harry Reid Stupid, or Just One of Us April 23, 2007 The Tax Man Cometh The Coming National “Non-Dialog” April 16, 2007 Iraq: No Exit Beyond Good and Evil April 2, 2007 Some Thoughts on the Presidential Race The End of the World As We Know It March 27, 2007 Thy Name Is Incompetence March 19, 2007 Al Gore and the Environmental Reformation La Trahison Des ‘Experts’ March 12, 2007 Demography and Destiny Seriously Unserious March 5, 2007 Great Expectations More Great Expectations February 26, 2007 The Wimp Factor The Mullahs vs the Forces of Nature February 20, 2007 Wither the Christian Right? Political Overreach February 13, 2007 The Chinese Century? Why Wait? Bush Unbound? February 6, 2007 Will “The Surge” Succeed? Who is to Blame? January 29, 2007 It’s Miss Hillary All The Way January 21, 2007 Watching “Political Idol” Bet Against the Good Ol’ U.S. of A.? Are You Nuts? January 16, 2007 Beware When Democrats Speak of Ethics Beware When Democrats Speak of National Security January 8, 2007 2007 On the Home Front: More Sound and Fury January 3, 2007 2007: Filled With Sound and Fury
2006 Articles
December 19, 2006 Rational Choices In Iraq December 11, 2006 Some Thoughts On The Iraq Study Group Report Islamunism December 4, 2006 Then Again, America Might Just Give Up Iraq As Vietnam November 27, 2006 “The Poor Have Us Always With Them” More Winners And Losers November 20, 2006 A New Plan For Iraq The State Of Nature And The War On Terror November 13, 2006 Iraq. It’s All Over But The Dying. Learning Lessons. November 8, 2006 More Thoughts On The Election Post Script. The Fallout. November 7, 2006 Some Thoughts On The Election November 6, 2006 It’s The Culture, Stupid Allen vs Webb And The Future Of U.S. Politics October 30, 2006 Democrats Are Key To America’s Future Broken Institutions October 23, 2006 Democracy Likely To Decide Iraq’s Future Victory Looks Like This? October 16, 2006 The Consequences Of Pique A Party Without A Cause October 9, 2006 Ship Of Fools October 2, 2006 The West In Extremis He’s Heavy. He’s My Husband. September 25, 2006 Threats, Real And Imagined September 18, 2006 A Worthy Successor To John Paul II The Perfect Political Storm September 11, 2006 If Democrats Control The House Midterms ’06 August 28, 2006 Hoping And Praying For Defeat Midnight Basketball For Democrats August 21, 2006 Some Thoughts On “Islamic Facism” Shades Of Munich? August 14, 2006 The Long March To Ned Lamont Lieberman, Lanny, And The Democratic Party August 7, 2006 The Plot Thickens The Emerging Midterm Dynamic August 1, 2006 War And Peace Melcher For President July 24, 2006 Some Thoughts As The Dogs Of War Bark July 17, 2006 The War For The Future Of Israel And The Future Of The Planet The Second Front In Israel’s War For Survival July 10, 2006 “Uninteresting Times” Bush And Kim June 27, 2006 The Europeans Are Different From Us, Redux The Anti-Patriots June 19, 2006 It’s The Context, Stupid. The Age Of…? June 12, 2006 al-Zarqawi Dead What If Bush Knows What He’s Doing? June 5, 2006 We’re Winning, Redux Capitulation Or Strategy? Fear And Loathing In Ohio May 30, 2006 You’d Be Angry Too We’re Winning May 22, 2006 Bush And The Base May 15, 2006 Whither Iran? Hugo Chavez And The Rise Of The Global Left? May 8, 2006 Tread Lightly On Me Moussaoui, The Courts, And The War On Terror May 1, 2006 George W’s Legacy We Blame Bush April 24, 2006 Political Table Talk Despair And Reality April 17, 2006 A Plague Of Willful Ignorance Rumsfeld And The Generals April 10, 2006 Girding For Battle Dawn Of A New Political Era, Part IV April 3, 2006 Muhammad Strangelove. The Debate on Immigration: Who’s Winning? March 27, 2006 The Democrats’ Reversion To Childhood What They Don’t Want You To Know About Iraq March 20, 2006 The Judicial Power Grab March 14, 2006 The Origins Of Madness Frequently Asked Questions March 7, 2006 It’s A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World. February 27, 2006 Cheney’s Co-Veep Republican Suicide February 21, 2006 The Gathering Storm Unblessed Gridlock February 13, 2006 The Genesis Of Democratic Party Lunacy The Terrorists’ Dilemma February 6, 2006 The State Of The Campaign The State Of The Global Nannie State January 30, 2006 Some Cautionary Thoughts On Democracy Al Gore, John Kerry And The Rage Of The Egos End Notes: More Trouble in Latin America. January 23, 2006 Thoughts On The Bush Foreign Policy The Iran Crisis: Ahmadinejad vs The Mullahs January 17, 2006 And The Victor Is… Anti-Democratic Democrats: Why They Fought Alito January 10, 2006 Domestic Politics 2006: Mediocrity vs Ineptitude January 3, 2006 Forecast 2006: A Dangerous, Complicated New World Order
2005 Articles
December 21, 2005 The President, The Democrats, And Wiretaps December 19, 2005 A Great Week For The GOP Hollywood’s Descent Into Madness Wes Polk Update December 12, 2005 Will George Go Wobbly On Iran? The Real Threat From China December 5, 2005 The New Sport Of Politics There’s Something About The Democrats November 21, 2005 Iraq: No Exit The Bush – McCain Axis November 14, 2005 War On Senseless Violence Election ’05 Revisited Election ’06 November 8, 2005 N.J. Loss + VA. Loss = Good News For The GOP? November 7, 2005 Islam And The Pursuit Of The Millennium Whither Liberalism? October 31, 2005 We Don’t Get It Scooter And The Democrats That’s What It Costs The Wheels Come Off The (Conservative) Trolley October 24, 2005 Whither Conservatism? Conservatism Cracks Up … Again We’re Still Winning October 17, 2005 We’re Winning. A Fairer, Better Tax Code? Dream On. October 10, 2005 Why Did He Do It? Some Thoughts On Ms. Miers October 3, 2005 DeLay, Democrats, And The Future Of The GOP The New Political Paradigm, Updated End Notes: Harriet Miers. September 26, 2005 The War On Poverty, Redux The Fourth Estate And The Fifth Column September 19, 2005 But I Didn’t Know Until This Day That It Was Khomeini All Along Curmudgeonly Thoughts About Katrina September 12, 2005 Charity Begins At Home The Debate Over Katrina September 6, 2005 Nighttime On The City Of New Orleans August 29, 2005 Let The Good Times Roll The Collapse Of The Parties? End Notes: The Oracle Misreads the Entrails. August 22, 2005 The Stupider Party Troublous Wringing Of Hands August 15, 2005 The Democrats’ Dilemma Slouching Away From Gomorrah End Notes: The Force Behind Liberal Think Tanks. August 8, 2005 Mad Democrats and Feckless Republicans Whither Terrorism? August 1, 2005 Hillary, We Hardly Know You Hillary’s Labor Pains July 25, 2005 Some Thoughts On Islamic Terrorism The Down-Side Of Supply-Side: Nihil est ab omni parte beatum July 18, 2005 Victory Blueprint For Dems In ’08 Karl Rove And Democratic Sloth July 11, 2005 Europe And Terrorism No One Expects The Spanish Inquisition June 27, 2005 Senators, Presidents, And The War In Iraq June 20, 2005 The March Toward Liberal Authoritarianism Dick Durbin And The Democrats’ Judgement Deficit End Notes: Hillary. Now More Than Ever. June 13, 2005 Groundhog Day A Touch Of Optimism On Iraq June 6, 2005 Whither Europe? The Real Lessons Of Watergate End Notes: John Quixote and the Continuing Descent Into Madness. Impeach Dean? May 23, 2005 The World’s Greatest Body Of Popinjays Election Fraud As A Political Tool May 16, 2005 Four Years Later The Case For Hillary End Notes: The Inscrutable and Politically Incompetent Chinese. Newsweak, a.k.a “Sy Hersh Syndrome.” May 10, 2005 George And The Two Vladimirs Disingenuous Democrats May 2, 2005 Social Security: R.I.P. The Re-Start Of Something Big The Super-Duper Power April 25, 2005 Betting On China: The Next Economic Superpower? Crisis, Crisis, Boil And Bubble April 18, 2005 Beyond Good And Evil … And Politics April 11, 2005 Immigration: Trouble In GOP-Land In 2008 What’s In A Word? Trouble In Dem-Land In ’06 April 4, 2005 A Brief Word Of Remembrance Pope John Paul II, Economist The Paradigm Thickens March 28, 2005 Terri Schiavo And American Morality Thoughts On The Politics Of Schiavo March 21, 2005 Thoughts On The Politics Of The Twin Deficits Tactical Maneuvers March 14, 2005 Head ‘Em Up And Move ‘Em Out Dan And Ward: A Pathetic Pair March 7, 2005 Whither The Middle East? Winners And Losers February 28, 2005 Little Men With Little Ideas Heroes, Present And Future February 22, 2005 Terry Led Three Lives The Fight For Social Security: Retreat And Regroup February 14, 2005 Natural Law vs … What? The North Korean Nuclear Crisis, Redux February 7, 2005 The Loser Party Thoughts On Post Election Iraq January 31, 2005 Three Cheers For Democracy Abortion War Détente? January 24, 2005 The Madness Of The American President? January 18, 2005 The Madness Of The American Crowd The New Progressives Versus The Reactionaries, Redux January 10, 2005 Domestic Forecast ’05: Life Without Elections January 3, 2005 Forecast 2005: A Tough Year, But A Good One
2004 Articles
December 13, 2004 Some Thoughts On Democracy In Iraq Democrats And Race December 6, 2004 Whither The “War On Terror?” If The Turtle Could Run Like The Rabbit (Part II) November 29, 2004 Some Thoughts On Corruption, The Forgotten Threat George W. Bush vs. The Clock November 22, 2004 You’re Not A War Time Consigliari, Colin Don’t Mess With (The Man From) Texas A Note From The Publisher: Wes Polk Update November 15, 2004 Moral Values. They’re Baaaaack. The Clash Of Moral Codes November 5, 2004 Thoughts On The Election Thoughts On The Second Term Election Notes: John Edwards Zogby Exit Polls October 25, 2004 Some Thoughts On A Kerry Presidency Undemocratic Democrats, Illiberal Liberals October 18, 2004 Polling Problems Part II: Who’s Winning? Schopenhauer On The Debates October 11, 2004 Some Thoughts On Foreign Alliances The Great Polling Debate October 4, 2004 A Debatable Outcome High Noon In Iraq September 27, 2004 Kerry And Iraq: A Losing Combination More Post Election Predictions September 20, 2004 A Dose Of Optimism Concerning The “War On Terror” Post Election Democrats. Will The “Stab In The Back” Be Back? End Notes: Campaign Note #1 Campaign Note #2 Campaign Note #3 September 13, 2004 A Landslide In The Making September 7, 2004 He Just Tells The Truth And They Think It’s Zell Politics During The “War On Terror” August 30, 2004 Really Big Brother Republicans For Kerry? Give Me A Break August 23, 2004 Kerry and Vietnam … Again Victory? How Will It Look? August 16, 2004 Sharpton, Democrats, and Bygone Eras Kerry’s Secret Plan August 2, 2004 Kerry’s European Partners I’ll Stay With Bush July 26, 2004 Bush Unbound What Culture War? This Culture War. July 19, 2004 The Limitations of Politics Abortion Politics 2004 July 12, 2004 Great Expectations Kerry and Edwards: A Squandered Opportunity The Reagan Legacy June 28, 2004 Democrats And Delusions June 21, 2004 A Dung Heap Called The United Nations The Media and Iraq, Redux June 15, 2004 Back To Politics In The Wake Of The Reagan Funeral The Political Impact of President Reagan’s Death Kerry’s Running Mate The Media and Iraq June 7, 2004 How Ronald Reagan Won The Cold War Ronald Reagan: A Legacy Of Hope June 1, 2004 Al Gore, Metaphor For His Party George Bush, Down But Not Out May 24, 2004 Bush’s Flaw. Fatal or Fixable? Kerry’s Burden. It Ain’t Heavy, It’s My Party. Is Internicine GOP Warfare A Problem? May 17, 2004 Where Is This Mess Headed? Abu Ghraib: Ask Wrong Questions, Get Wrong Answers May 10, 2004 It’s The Culture, Stupid May 3, 2004 The Virtuous Democratic Rich A Specter Is Haunting Pennsylvania – Follow Up April 26, 2004 Thoughts On John Kerry: Man Of The People Kerry’s Running Mate A Specter Is Haunting Pennsylvania April 19, 2004 Why Iraq? The Terrible Swift Sword of Political Correctness, Part II John Kerry: It’s Personal Cheney, China and North Korea: A Developing Story April 12, 2004 Staying the Course in Iraq The Path To Victory Goes Through Iran Unsolicited Advice to Democrats: Shut Up Kerry’s Catholic Strategy April 5, 2004 Some Thoughts On “Managed Democracy” The Democrats’ Continuing Slide Into Madness March 29, 2004 Who’s To Blame for 9/11? John McCain for DefSec? Bring It On. End Notes: Not In Kerry’s Backyard? A Truly Unhealthy Obsession, Redux. Clinton’s Guru Forecasts A Blowout for Bush. Clarke: GOP to Blame for Bin Laden. Kerry and Catholics. March 22, 2004 Spain and Terrorism Iran, Syria and Regime Change End Notes: A Truly Unhealthy Obsession Shocker: Clinton’s Guy Breaks Bad on Bush Why Cheney Stays March 15, 2004 The Nation’s “Second Black President” The Makings of A Rout, Part I: Trade Policy Colorado: Potential Trouble for GOP End Notes: A Terrorist’s End Flippity Flop March 8, 2004 Haiti and the Bankruptcy of Democratic Foreign Policy Bush Wins – Maybe End Notes: Vacillation Or Conviction? Summer Reading The Union Label Vice Presidential Debates March 1, 2004 A Specter is Haunting Europe, Part II Gay Marriage, Greenspan, and Social Security February 23, 2004 The Origins of Modern Political Hatred Panic and Politics February 17, 2004 A Path To A Better, Safer Middle East? A Single Observation About John Kerry They Ain’t Heavy, They’re Liberals Shameless Plug February 9, 2004 Some Thoughts On Kerry’s Multilateralism Some Thoughts On Kerry’s War Record Bill, Hillary and What’s-His-Name February 2, 2004 Looking Backward From The Future Just Trying To Help Two, Three, Four Americas? January 26, 2004 The Electable John Kerry? Some Thoughts On Fiscal Deficits and The World January 20, 2004 Iowa Caucus Report: A Touch of Sanity The Politics of Immigration January 12, 2004 Domestic Politics 2004: Predicting The Obvious, Not As Easy As It Looks January 5, 2004 FORECAST 2004: All is in Flux, Nothing Stays the Same
2003 Articles
December 22, 2003 Corruption Begets Regulation Begets Corruption Japan in the New World Order Politics and Terror A Heartfelt Thank You From Wes Polk and Me Happy Holidays Everyone December 15, 2003 Score A Big One For Bush, Part II Al Endorses…War On the Clintons Overconfident, My Foot December 8, 2003 The Coming Democratic Rebound George Will Win In Spite Of Himself A Solicitation December 1, 2003 The Era of Small Government is Over The Consequences of Madness: A One Party System November 24, 2003 What’s $400 Billion Among Friends? Speaking of Debt Anti-Semitism: The Canary in the Mine November 17, 2003 The Age of Government The Collapse of the Two Party System? November 10, 2003 Belling the Cat Democrats Never Have A Nice Day November 3, 2003 How Bush Could Lose the War in Iraq Score Another Big One for Bush The War for Hearts and Minds October 27, 2003 The Abortion Gambit Meanwhile, On the Homefront October 20, 2003 Score A Big One For Bush Score A Big One For Bush (Part II) It’s Good To Be The King An Apology To Newton Congratulations: Tom Gallagher October 13, 2003 Israel’s “Most Difficult Decision,” Redux Some Thoughts On Arnold’s Victory October 6, 2003 A Swing and A Miss Putin’s World September 29, 2003 Iraq and November ’04 Stick A Fork In Clark and Bring On Hillary September 22, 2003 Members Only The Arkansas Connection: Bill, Hill, and the General September 15, 2003 Alabama and the Ten Commandments A Warning to the U.S. from Europe September 8, 2003 Buying Time Conservatism: RIP August 25, 2003 The Other War On Terror The Democrats’ Dilemma August 18, 2003 The Catholic Migration Continues (part 2) Fade to Gray (part 2) August 11, 2003 Over the Edge With Condi The WMDs Are Coming August 4, 2003 The Growing Importance of the Center The New and Improved Gender Gap The Catholic Migration Continues July 28, 2003 9/11. Intelligence Failure? or Political Failure? “Expert” Advice on North Korea July 21, 2003 What Shall We Do With the Drunken Sailors? Nothing But Trouble? An Insight into the War On Terror July 14, 2003 Round About the Cauldron Go Fault Lines on the Right June 30, 2003 The Roots of Germany’s Economic Disorder The Democrats’ Descent into Madness (Part II) June 23, 2003 The Final Days of the Mad Mullahs of Iran Supreme Battles What Weapons of Mass Destruction? June 16, 2003 The Democrats’ Descent into Madness June 9, 2003 Hillary’s Book Decrepit Tyrants Reprise Their Old Act Our “Friends,” The South Koreans End Notes: You Heard It Here First June 2, 2003 God Bless the Child That Has His Own The Coming War With Iran The Times It Is A Changin’ May 27, 2003 Melcher’s Road Map to Peace Fade to Gray (Part II) Dear Senator Byrd Send Them A Message May 19, 2003 Democrats Face Long-term Minority Status Three Cheers for Bill They Eat Horses, Don’t They? Hilaire Belloc on the Threat from Islam May 12, 2003 Preemption is Here to Stay The Coming Crash in China Bons Mots From Two Old Friends May 5, 2003 Post War Iraq? Relax. It’s Going to be Okay Even Hillary Couldn’t Save This Day April 28, 2003 Globalize This McCarthyism! It’s Like DÉJÀ VU All Over Again. END NOTE: Deliverance In Iraq April 21, 2003 The Politics of Envy Excommunicated…or Something Close To It Fear and Loathing in Beijing April 14, 2003 Some Cautionary Comments From Burke on Iraq Some Cautionary Comments From Swift on Iraq Some Thoughts on China as SARS Proceeds Bill and Kim: Birds of a Feather April 7, 2003 Our Despot Instead of Theirs Then, Of Course, There is Iran Watch This Man North Korea: Using China to Crack the Nut March 31, 2003 Whither the War? Welcome Back to the Real World. Blair vs Chirac? From the Sidelines: War Rally or Oil Fall March 24, 2003 The Sleeping Giant Awakens The Head of the Snake How About A Regime Change in France? March 17, 2003 Radicals Threaten Democratic Coalition CAPITOL BRIEFING March 13, 2003 Asbestos Litigation Developments Further Pressure Legislators March 10, 2003 The Font of Their Resistance North Korea? Whose Problem Is It Anyway? also, From the Sidelines (separate PDF file): More Than A War To Think About March 3, 2003 Welcome Steve Soukup Some Thoughts on Iraq and the “War on Terror” Asbestos Litigation Reform: Cautious Optimism From the Sidelines: The War and Other Issues February 24, 2003 The Europeans Are Different From Us From the Sidelines: It’s All About Valuation February 18, 2003 It’s Time To Send For The Sons A Bitches Earth’s Holocaust A Letter Home From the Sidelines: So Where Have I Been? February 10, 2003 Apocalypse Soon, Redux Speaking of Terrorist Scenario Spinning Ever Wonder How We Got Into This Mess? The Pretenders February 3, 2003 The State of Compassionate Conservatism How About Aids in Africa, Mark? Some Thoughts on “The New Europe” More Thoughts on “The New Europe” The Columbia January 27, 2003 The Real “Mother of All Battles” My New Hero Shame on You American Hating Liberals European Anti-Americanism January 21, 2003 A Different Perspective on Today’s World The Mountainous Block of Islam The Big, Ideologic Gaudily Coloured Currents of American Politics January 13, 2003 Whither the Tax Bill? Whither the War in Iraq? Whither the Mess in North Korea? Whither the Axis of Evil? January 6, 2003 Forecast 2003 Double, Double, Toil and Trouble; Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble
2002 Articles
December 23, 2002 Separated At Birth? December 16, 2002 So Long Trent Out With the Old, In With the Old So What Would You Do, Mark? Much Ado About Little Wisdom From Calvin December 9, 2002 Class Warfare Within the Democratic Party Food for Thought GOP Women A Little Lowbrow Humor End Notes: Regime Change In Iraq? And The Loser Is . . . Ousted O’Neill December 2, 2002 Our “Interests” The Saudis Whither the War With Iraq? Great News for the GOP Tom and Al’s Anagnorisis Al the Ingrate End Notes: We Have Ways of Making People Talk November 25, 2002 Twenty Years on the High Road November 18, 2002 The End of Change The Sopranos. The Latest ChineseKnock Off Good Is Not A Legacy of Evil End Notes: Go Gennifer! Go Steve! Whadyasay Big Guy ? November 11, 2002 After the Election, Taxes, Taxes, Taxes Last Week Ernie Got Real Heavy Three Cheers for Bill and Hill and Terry The Destructive Root Cause of Political Tackiness End Notes: What’s To Say About Trent Lott? A Big Cheer for Nancy Pelosi Our Man Terry November 4, 2002 More of Melcher’s Exciting Election Coverage And the Moral of the AOL-Time-Warner Story Is… Left and Right Wing Doves How Have We Lived So Long? End Notes: Truth Comes in Foxy Packages Terry, We Hardly Knew Ya Move Over Shakespeare Pregnant Phrases October 28, 2002 Whither China? Some Thoughts on the Beltway Sniper End Notes: Poor Jane, Or Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining. Something To Mull Over. October 21, 2002 Congratulations: Pru-Sec’s Washington Research Group. A Gathering Storm on the Nation’s Campuses. War, Economics and Politics. A Feathered Dinosaur in a Robin’s Egg. My New Hero, Col. Charles De Laet Waldo Sibthorp. End Notes: They’ll Never Get Rid Of That Smell The Cuckoo Byrd Where Is He Now? For The Good Of All Concerned, Organized Labor Should Stay Democratic. October 10, 2002 Et Tu, Hillary? Paul Johnson Weights In. End Note: Time For A Laugh. October 7, 2002 More Optimism On Iraq. Democrats In Long-Term Cyclical Downturn. More Thoughts On Black America. Islam: The Religion Of Peace. End Notes: Smart Europeans. The Bottom Line On The House Races. Sanity, Sanity! Wherefore Art Thou Sanity? September 30, 2002 A Man, A Plan, Preemption. The Gathering Islamic Storm. Jihad Vs. McWorld. End Note: IMF/World Bank. September 23, 2002 The Election? You Wanna Know About The Election? Islam In America. The AMC. End Notes: One Man’s “Freedom Fighter” Is Another Man’s . . . Indoctrination Centers Or Schools? Good Ol’ Al. Healthy Duck Session? Does This Make Sense? September 16, 2002 A Modest Proposal. To The Victor Goes The Spoils. The Times They Are A Changing’ (in black America). End Notes: “People Need To Have Sex.” September 9, 2002 The Long Battle Ahead. Bloody Islam. New Counter Terrorism Technique. September 3, 2002 An Optimistic View Of The Coming War With Iraq. August 26, 2002 “The Vision Thing” Is Back. While 6 Million Starve. Something Is Rotten In The State Of California. Your Tax Dollars At Work. August 19, 2002 Wisdom From The Masses. Mrs. Clinton: No “Wild Eyed Lefty.” A Tax Code Parable. End Notes: Iraq Attack? More Your Tax Money At Work. This Is Funny. Another Joke. August 12. 2002 The “Waco Forum.” Or Is It Wacko? $200 Billion Deficits As Far As The Eye Can See? West Nile Virus: “Stealth Terrorism?” Miss Reno: Immigration Reformer. Bill Clinton: Road Warrior. Free Book. August 5, 2002 George W. Prufrock: Let Us Go Then, You And I. This New Broom Won’t Sweep Clean. Letters To The Editor. July 29, 2002 Impeach Bush? A New And Troubling Phenomenon. A Formula For Dow 20,000. A Fun Look Back At Happier, If Not Safer, Times (say the 1860s). End Notes: Your Tax Money At Work. More Your Tax Money At Work. July 22, 2002 No Iraq Attack This Year. Guns And Butter: A Lethal Mix for Republicans. July 15, 2002 George And Dick Will Be Fine, Thank You. Nanny Can’t Fix This BooBoo. The Real Problem. A Little Advice From Machiavelli. Newsmax.com: Daschlegate Offers White House Tempting Target. End Notes: Poem’s Author. McCain’s Folly. July 8, 2002 Some Thoughts On Religion, Politics and Capitalism. An Open Letter To Martha Stewart. Ronald McDonald, From Clown To Milch Cow? End Notes: “Our Enemies, the Saudis.” How Many “Mental Retards” Should The FBI Have? Brussels. A New Heroine, Jo Anne Barnhart. July 1, 2002 Troubling Times For the Democratic Party. Some Thoughts On God’s Role In American Politics. More Thoughts On Corporate Corruption. June 24, 2002 Whither The “War Against Terrorism?” More Thoughts On Corporate Corruption. Coming Soon To Your Neighborhood . . . The Superpredators. June 17, 2002 Some Thoughts On Corporate Corruption. More Unintended Consequences. Patricia Ireland, Call Richmond (an open letter). June 10, 2002 Unintended Consequences. A Modest Proposal (containing a quiz on terrorism). May 29, 2002 Looking For Someone To Blame For September 11? Russia: American’s New Strategic Partner? Joe Camel, Ronald McDonald, Axis Of Evil Redux. Clinton Watch: A Redundant Exercise? May 15, 2002 Arafat’s Children’s Crusade. The Beginning Of The End? And Speaking Of Islam. Books You Shouldn’t Read. Clinton Watch: Life Imitates Art. April 29, 2002 Some Thoughts On LePen. Speaking Of The French. The Best Laid Plans Of Mice And Men. (containing a farm joke). April 22, 2002 Some Thoughts on The “Masters Of The Financial Universe.” . . . And Some Thoughts On Their Critics. Cry For The IMF, Argentina. A Little Poetry Between Friends (re. the Turks v. the Christians). April 12, 2002 Is Bush Relevant In The Middle East? Blood Money? Trouble Ahead For The Investment Banks? The Ladies Did It For Money. April 9, 2002 Whither China? A Third Way? April 2, 2002 Choosing Sides. Joe Camel, Ronald McDonald, Axis of Evil? No Good Will Come Of This. Clinton’s Corner. February 19, 2002 Evil Axis: Beyond Realpolitik February 4, 2002 The State of Politics
Pre-2002 Articles
May 10, 1995 In Search Of The Cause May 12, 1999 America’s First Post-Modern War February 4, 2002 The State Of Politics November 19, 2001 Some Thoughts On The War Against Terrorism October 29, 2001 Strength From Adversity September 10, 2001 The Anarchists Are Coming August 20, 2001 The Term “CORPORATE AMERICA” May Be Taking On A Whole New Meaning June 4, 2001 It’s The Culture, Stupid May 7, 2001 With George Bush, Faith Trumps Ideology March 20, 2001 Some Optimistic Thoughts In The Midst Of A Bear Market February 20, 2001 A Liberal Primer January 22, 2001 Our Long National Nightmare Is Over January 16, 2001 Lies Are Old Hat To Democrats, The Hysteria Is New October 18, 2000 ‘No War, No Peace’ May Be The Best Of All Worlds October 13, 2000 Middle East Update: No War, No Peace September 27, 2000 Meanwhile In Prague August 23, 2000 Al’s Progress August 9, 2000 Some Thoughts On The GOP Convention June 28, 2000 Legacy? What Legacy? June 14, 2000 The New Progressives Versus The Reactionaries April 26, 2000 Some Thoughts On Change March 8, 2000 The Iron ‘Biangle’ February 23, 2000 A Good Word For Negative Talk February 16, 2000 Europe 101 February 2, 2000 Thoughts On A Wintry Day January 26, 2000 A Somewhat Different View of the Budget Process January 19, 2000 AOL-Time Warner, Moral Crusaders October 27, 1999 Some Old, Dead Guys Reflect On Modern Politics October 20, 1999 Cheers All Around October 13,1999 The Dawn Of A New Political Era: Part 3 August 11, 1999 Salmagundi: Hillary, A Victim?; Antitrust Blackmail;and Campaign Finance Reform July 28, 1999 The Left’s New Battle Cry: Atheists, Agnostics, Skeptics and Humanists Unite! July 21, 1999 In The Land Of The Blind, The One-Eyed Dollar Is King July 14, 1999 The Modern Promethei May 26, 1999 Crooks, Incompetents, Political Hacks and Fools May 19,1999 Whelping The Dogs Of War, Part II May 12, 1999 America’s First Post-Modern War March 24, 1999 The Dawn Of A New Political Era: Part 2 March 17, 1999 Salmagundi: Crony Capitalism, Conservative Thoughts From Two Black Women, And Some Fun Q&A March 10, 1999 Globalization Lends Corruption Lighter Wings To Fly February 17, 1999 The Dawn Of A New Political Era: Part 1 February 3, 1999 Remembrance Of Things Past … And Present January 13,1999 Once Upon A Time In A Banana Republic January 6, 1999 Which Side Are You On Boys? December 9, 1998 It’s A Dicey World After All November 25, 1998 Hey Republicans, Wake Up And Smell The Nuts September 16, 1998 The Kool Aide Gambit August 26, 1998 One Cheer For And A Farewell To Bill August 19, 1998 Some Thoughts On Terrorism August 5, 1998 Hey Buddy, Get the Beer Man Over Here! July 28, 1998 ‘Salmagundi': Millennium Kids, Teachers, And Bill. July 22, 1998 Summer Reading List Part II July 15, 1998 The Man In The Cement Shoes July 1, 1998 Whelping the Dogs of War June 17, 1998 Liberalism: RIP May 20, 1998 A Specter is Haunting Europe – The Specter of “Planning” May 6, 1998 Something Has Changed April 8, 1998 Let The Big Dog Run March 25, 1998 A Pean to Paula March 18, 1998 We Don’t Mean To Scare You, But… March 4, 1998 Observations About Bill Clinton’s Legacy February 11, 1998 It Was Out Of The Room Now, It Was Prowling The Veldt February 4, 1998 Waking The Sleeping Giant January 28, 1998 Some Thoughts on “Monicagate” January 21, 1998 “The Poor Have Us Always With Them” January 14, 1998 Some Thoughts On Capitalism As the Asian Meltdown Proceeds January 7, 1998 Left of Nero November 10, 1997 Homo Homini Lupus October 22, 1997  Three Tales About Politics in America Today October 1, 1997 ‘Campaign Finance Reform’ Is A Lot Of Hot Air September 17, 1997 To Err Is Human, To Sweat Over It In Public Is Gauche September 3, 1997 The New Political Paradigm July 2, 1997  The Ends of the Earth June18, 1997 Keep The Faith Conservatives, And Support Your Local Humanities Department March 26, 2997 Middle East Tensions Likely To Escalate March 5, 1997 For Some, Law Will Admit No Rival February 26, 1997 East Is East, And West Is West – Have The Twain Been Meeting Too Often? February 19, 1997 MFN For China Not A Shoo-In This Time Around January 29, 1997 Let Us Go Then, You And I January 15, 1997 Is The New York Times Being Duped By Right Wing Nuts? January 8, 1997 If It Ain’t One Thing, It’s Another December 18, 1996 Bullish on the Good Old U.S. of A. – With Caveats November 13, 1996 There’s No Place Like Home November 6, 1996 Congratulations Bill! Now, Welcome To ‘Lippogate’ October 16, 1996 Character, Where Art Thou? September 4, 1996 The Coming Republican Apocalypse June 12, 1996 A Man For The Times April 24, 1996 The Threat From Within April 3, 1996 Honesty Matters, Now More Than Ever March 13, 1996 The “Reich Curve.” A Nobel Prize for the Labor Secretary? February 21, 1996 Summer Reading Season is Just Ahead January 31, 1996 Polls and Pols January 10, 1996 Apocalypse Soon? January 3, 1996 Big Government and Dumb Citizens Are A Troublesome Mix November 29, 1995 Conservatism? What Conservatism? September 27, 1995 Stirner vs Marx Redux June 12, 1995 Democracy And Capitalism Can Always Use A Little Moral Support May 10, 1995 In Search Of The Cause April 12, 1995 The Ambitious Poor Man’s Son April 5, 1995 The Enemy Within March 1, 1995  The Immanentization of the Eschaton February 1, 1995 The West vs The Islamic-Confucian Connection November 23, 1994 Culture, Not Economics, Lies at Heart of Demo Defeat September 28, 1994  A Call To Arms By Russell Kirk September 21, 1994  In Search of A Clinton Foreign Policy Theme July 20, 1994 Advancing Leaderless Into The “New World Disorder” July 6, 1994 Will the Christian Right Destroy the GOP? June 1, 1994 Religious Battles Could Make the ‘Cultural War’ Longer and Nastier April 27, 1994 The Negotiators April 13, 1994 Nationalizing ‘Dumbing Down’ America March 30, 1994 Edmund Burke Shines In The Age Of The Editorial March 16, 1994 To Define Clinton, Try “Utopian Redistributionalist,” Rather Than “Socialist.” February 16, 1994 The Love Song Of J. Alfred Clinton February 9, 1994 The Shoals of Whitewater December 22, 1993 Around The World In Five Pages September 22, 1993 We Has Met the Enemy, and It Is Us September 8, 1993  Why Not Just Reinvent Typhoid? August 11, 1993 Democratic Hawks and Doves Fight For Bill’s Heart and Mind June 16, 1993 Something’s Wrong, and the ‘Politics of Meaning’ Ain’t It June 9, 1993 Economic Gains of Black Americans Outpace Washington Rhetoric May 12, 1993 Do We Have Radicals Guarding Our Cultural Henhouse? April 7, 1993 Clinton is Liked, But is He Well Liked? February 24, 1993 Onward Secular Soldiers July 22, 1992 A Return to the Theme That Cultural War Will Replace Cold War in the 1990s July 1, 1992 Conflict of the 1990s: Cultural War Replaces Cold War June 17, 1992 Did the Rise of Radical Egalitarianism Give Rise to Ross Perot? May 13, 1992 Do George, Bill Or Ross Have The Key To Economic Growth? Would They Know It If They Saw it? February 26, 1992 Does The Market Care Who Wins In November? January 29, 1992 Corporate America: Faustus or Faust? January 22, 1992 It’s About Money January 15, 1992 Spotlight on U.S. – Japanese Trade Frictions Overshadows Long-Term Problem With Europe July 10, 1991 The 1990s: Not Kinder and Gentler, But Meaner and Rougher June 19, 1991 How Washington Built A Bottmless Public Trough April 21, 1991 Bush’s Fatal Attraction To Middle East Diplomacy Bodes Trouble For His Presidency January 20, 1991 War May Be An Odd Energy Policy, But It’s All We Got August 29, 1990 Oil Is Not Essential to Middle East Instability April 25, 1990 One Thing Gorby Can Count on In Lithuania Is A Sympathetic Bush January 15, 1990 Once Upon A Time In Russia October 4, 1989 A Candid Interview With George Bush: Part III September 27, 1989 A Candid Interview With George Bush: Part II September 20, 1989 A Candid Interview With George Bush: Part I July 26, 1989 George Wants to Go to Mars, But Does He Know the Way? May 3, 1989 Bush’s First 100 Days Portend “Status Quo” December 14, 1988 What Makes Gorbachev Run? December 21, 1983 Is The Jewish Vote Really That Important? September 21, 1983 Pythonian Economics August 3, 1983 What Happens If…? July 27, 1983 The Star Of The Only Show In Town July 13, 1983 Hype And Rhetoric On The Potomac Labor Day Excerpt From A Piece Published In The Late 2nd Century A.D. By Plutarch About The Life Of Phyrrhus, King Of Epirus – Offered As Tribute To Labor Day Weekend